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Alexis Tenshi [userpic]
by Alexis Tenshi (winged_kame)
at August 23rd, 2008 (05:05 pm)

Greetings and Salutations All! Welcome to je_after_dark's official opening!

We are a JE yaoi/slash fanfic comm, specifically for mature rated works.

We were created, in part, because of the large interest in the recent JE smut/kink memes. But works here need not include smut, as long as they're a bit darker in nature than what might be considered an average JE fic. Specifically, anything rated R or higher.

Take a look around, read the rules, ask any questions, compliment me on the layout, and start posting your fics!

I will be advertising at some JE fic comms that allow, shortly. If there's anywhere else you'd like to advertise, feel free.

Alexis Tenshi [userpic]
by Alexis Tenshi (winged_kame)
at August 18th, 2008 (07:31 pm)

The Rules. Learn them, Love them, Live them. Any suggestions/complaints, please comment here or contact a mod via pm (current mods are listed in the userinfo page)


*) All fics must be JE related in some way.
-This is purposefully broad, so feel free to use any JE drama characters, etc.

*) All fics should be yaoi/slash related.
-Sorry het fans, nothing personal.
-Exception is gender switch fics, in which a character is a boy and becomes a girl as part of the story. NOT in which they are/have always been a girl.

*) All fics must be rated R, NC-17, or higher.
-Don't understand these ratings? Check out this guide.
-If you have a fic that is borderline PG-13/R and wish to post it here, you may. But keep in mind the purpose of this comm is for mature works.

*) All members joining the comm must be 18 or above, or legally permitted to read adult explicit material.
-Anyone ignoring this rule, the comm moderators are not responsible for.

*) All posts must be locked to the comm.
-The comm settings should take care of this automatically, hopefully.
-To see the posts, you must join the comm.

*)All posts should have a header that needs to at least include:
-the pairing
-any warnings (ie: death, bdsm, self mutilation, etc.)

*)This comm was specifically made for people to feel comfortable posting and reading fics of a more mature, or darker nature. So please play attention to warnings posted and refrain from commenting with anything condescending or judgmental in regards to any themes or kinks featured.
-If you're worried about something disturbing or bothering you, do not read the fic! Don't ignore warnings and then go and complain to the author!

*) All fics should be posted behind an lj cut. If you're having trouble with lj cut, consult lj's faq.

*) Do not link to posts that require users to friend you or join an additional comm to view.
-The required locking here should be enough that that isn't necessary.
-If you feel you must still additionally lock your post, give at least a few days notice first.

*) Do not post any plagiarized work here, of any kind.
-Violators of this rule will be immediately banned permanently.

*) Respect all JE artists and JE fic authors and do not post hate.
-Humor and sarcasm does not count as hate. This is referring to anything posted deliberately to hurt/provoke fans of a certain artist or author. Discretion is up to the mods, if needed.

*) All posts should contain a fic, or something in regards to a fic (fic request, fic search, fic hiatus notice, etc.)
-No introduction posts, no rumor posts, etc.

*) Ads for other JE fic comms or JE fic memes are allowed. All other ads are not.

*) Making tags and tagging your own entries are the responsibility of the members.
-If you do not want to use tags at all, you don't have to. It's entirely your choice.
-The comm is set to accept any new tags that members add. So feel free to tag entries as you see appropriate.
-Try to make tags that would be useful for other members.
-Try to avoid too many duplicate tags. For example, if arashi already exists as a tag, there is no need to make a tag group: arashi

*) Please keep fic banners to 400x200 or smaller, or put them behind a lj cut.


All rules violating posts will be given a warning. If problem is not fixed within 24 hours, post will be deleted. If the same poster violates rules continuously, they will be banned, at the discretion of the mods. In severe cases, banning may occur immediately (for any plagiarists, obvious trolls, spammers, or such.)

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