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Alexis Tenshi [userpic]
by Alexis Tenshi (winged_kame)
at August 23rd, 2008 (05:05 pm)

Greetings and Salutations All! Welcome to je_after_dark's official opening!

We are a JE yaoi/slash fanfic comm, specifically for mature rated works.

We were created, in part, because of the large interest in the recent JE smut/kink memes. But works here need not include smut, as long as they're a bit darker in nature than what might be considered an average JE fic. Specifically, anything rated R or higher.

Take a look around, read the rules, ask any questions, compliment me on the layout, and start posting your fics!

I will be advertising at some JE fic comms that allow, shortly. If there's anywhere else you'd like to advertise, feel free.